Our philosophy

The world is changing

We know that the future is being written now. And we want to be part of the change towards a culture of sustainable consumption.

Now is the time to innovate and show that an ecological approach can be affordable. And that trust can be gained by being honest and accessible.

We want to encourage the circular economy by creating synergies with our neighbours through our new network of self-service launderettes that cares about the world and the people who live in it.

A sustainable commitment

We work using certified renewable energies. Our washing powders and softeners are biodegradable: they are more efficient, need less water and are kinder to the environment.

All of our washers and dryers are state of the art, save water and energy and have a useful life of up to 20 years.

Did you know that if all the households in Barcelona used Twist & Shine we would save over 350 tonnes of electronic waste every year?
Do the twist for the planet!

Together we build neighbourhoods

We believe in teamwork to build economies based on responsible consumption. We support shopping at local shops, markets and cooperatives and work with various local initiatives to generate synergies and to give something back to the community that gives us everything. We are more than just a sustainable launderette; we are a local neighbour who is concerned about the community and local trade.

No gimmicks

We want to make it clear that being environmentally friendly can also be affordable, by using cutting edge technology that helps us save water, washing powder and energy. That, and because we only charge what is fair, is why our prices are so low. And we believe that the best way to convey this message is through honesty and openness. Speaking honestly and transparently about our prices and products. Meaning no gimmicks.

Partners with the same vision

We only work with people and organisations with which we share the same way of understanding the world. Inclusive and sustainable cooperatives and industrial businesses that, like us, support the circular economy and that care about the world and the people who live in it. Doesn’t that sound good?

Who are our partners?

One of our partners is Kauama, a last mile courier company with zero emissions that only works with electric motorcycles and its own team on staff. It offers logistics services to local businesses and producers KM 0 of Barcelona in order to take care of the city, its neighbourhoods and its people.

We also trust Muntañola Comunicació, an advertising agency from Barcelona that invests part of its time, experience and know-how in charitable and not-for-profit projects.

We also work with  Wet&Dry Solutions, a cleaning and hygiene services company for professionals that is supporting this project by supplying our biodegradable powders and softeners.

Would you like to suggest
a collaboration? Please write to us here

Be part of the change towards a sustainable future

Join the Twist & Friends community and enjoy benefits whilst caring for the planet. Because the more you use our launderettes, the more you reduce your carbon footprint.


Register to get a 5% discount and a discount of up to 30% by inviting your friends.

Home collection and delivery

We collect your clothes and return them clean, dry and carefully folded.

Payment facilities

In addition to being able to pay in cash with bills of up to 50 €, with
contactless or by card, if you register you can pay online.

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